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And the award goes to...

Thank you, for leaving out the "my personal opinion" from these two quotes that Cash & AXWhoah made. Thank you for assuming that because these two disagree with the IDEA of Gamma Chi, that they must be therefore disagreeing with you as a person and as a member of any greek org.

And thank you for taking out of context (AGAIN) AXWhoah's statement when she said her org is the best where she immediately followed with "as we all think ours is" -- quoting is a wonderful thing when you INCLUDE all the essential elements.

If your stake in GX and your own personal self-esteem is such that two opinions could make you jump into the black hole of these conclusions, then I guess I should say thank you for thinking that much of yourself.

WOW - people have differing opinions?? I am TRULY stunned.

Originally posted by brooklineu

Thank you, for the subtle hint that since I am interested in Gamma Chi, that I am interested in "a waste of time" and "a stupid concept" which is "the stupidest thing ever". I guess it goes to reason that *I* must be stupid if I think it's a good idea.

Thank you, for making the ideas and thoughts that so many had into trivial things of unimportance.

Thank you for knowing your own organization is better than anything I, as a non-Greek college grad, could ever hope to be in, or hope to be part of the creation of.

I am truly stunned.