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"When I said that we should spend time on our own chapters, I certainly would not mean stepping down from Panhellenic or IFC or not participating in the Greek Communities on your campuses. What I meant is people are spending an awful lot of time on something that in reality isn't all that real."

(sorry, quoting isn't working for me for some reason.)

I think you're right, in that GX isn't anything - yet. There have been a lot of orgs started in this world that didn't go anywhere and faded away, and at its inception, no organization is real. But I think that most of the people involved in GX are hoping to make something permanent and valuable of it. I think it's maybe not quite fair to criticize for not being big and powerful yet: If in ten years people are still futzing around about crests, that will be different.

Still, I think there is a danger in that we're spending more time worrying about crests and conventions than what Gamma Chi is truly about. It isn't meant to be a general Greek letter fraternity, and it isn't an honor society, and it isn't an interfraternal organization. What do we hope to accomplish and how? I can see how the focus on the externals has turned a lot of people off.


However, I do believe that there is nothing wrong whatsoever with Greek Chat being our forum and platform. I don't hear anyone arguing that the threads on hair, why boys/girls suck, what kind of purses we like, or anything else not specfically Greek are out of place, and they are even less directly related to Greek life. Now perhaps GX should have its own category on the site, but some folks are working on that, and suggesting it again won't make it happen any faster.

P.S. I hope I didn't offend anyone by picking Tri-Sigma as an example. I wanted to illustrate how much it hurts people to see their org insulted, and didn't think that making up Mu Phi Mu Chi would have the same effect. I don't personally know any Tri-Sigmas but what I know about their organization has impressed me very much.
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