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Calling folks out...

Alrighty - I tried to keep it nice and simple by simply quoting my agreement with KSig's earlier post...and then two of my beloved sisters - Cash & AXWhoah - put their neck out and called the spade a spade (based on their opinion, which MANY of us feel, but haven't put down in black and white font).

Now I have a problem...UMGirl - you are taking this stuff WAY too personal. That is what I was agreeing with KSig on. I could totally understand if it was AGD under fire (which is what I feel is happening to AXO right now) but not GX. Cash & AXWhoah just both stated that in their opinions, it was a stupid idea. Next thing I see is AXO this and AXO that -- I have to agree 1885% with Cash and say that AXO (nor any other established org) should not be put in the same context with GX. Yes - we all did have a start-up of humble beginnings...but we (and this goes for ALL greek orgs out there) worked damn hard to put it # 1 in our hearts.

You want to make GX work, then fine by me...but you are sitting here saying words to the contrary in every other line -- I think that for some reason this has just been put into the total "personal attack" mode when that wasn't the intention.

I wouldn't for the life of me sit here and call out AGD, or any other org and use them as a "stupid" example -- whether it was meant intentionally or just thrown out there as an example. I highly doubt that you would have used certain other orgs as your class example either. Its just not done and its just not right.

(to everyone): As for GX -- whatever floats your boat...I just don't think you should use GC as your forum. If you guys have the GX yahoo club, then take off -- hope to hear nothing but good things come of it (not saying get out of GC land...just move the plans for the new clubhouse from the middle of the established course).