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Originally posted by KSig RC


This doesn't make any sense at all to me - again, can we stop using "PROMOTE GREEK LIFE!!!" as a cop-out to avoid opinions that differ from ours?

Look - the fact that cash78mere and a few others have put into words their opinions about Gamma Chi does NOT equate to them showing Greek life in a negative light. She's been extremely civil, IMO - far more civil than some who are defending your organization. I ask you all to show her the same respect you demand - it's only fair.

Let's find that happy medium, where we can have reasoned discussion about ideas and opinions without personalizing the discussion - "YOU DON'T REPRESENT GREEK LIFE PROPERLY!!!" is quickly becoming a popular cop-out on this board for rejecting the ideas of others, especially if they're antithetical to yours.
I dont think people and certainly not I am using "promote Greek Life" as a cop out to differing opinions. Everyone is going to have them and everyone is going to voice them. Just like everyone has to respect them.
What I was talking about was all the slamming that was about to heat up, and lets be real about this, people were getting heated and all H could have broke out at any moment. Yeah a majority were jsut saying how they felt, giving their honest opinions, but again lets be real about this. We need to be civil and just agree that we disagree. My feeling was that you have many ppl who arent greek interested in it looking at this thread and instead of seeing people calmly disagree with each other and explain why they felt that way or whatever, they were about to see an all out war of words. Not to paint a picture that Greek Life is perfect and that everyone lives happily ever after, but to show that, hey we all dont have to wrap ourselves into a war over gamma chi and theres more to this site than debating over this thread. ya know like showing interest in the other threads out there.