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I'm not contradicting myself. What I have been saying is that Gamma Chi's intentions are positive and what its meant to be for is positive. It's just disorganized currently which can be fixed. Something can have both positives and negatives to it. Its just a matter of which one outweighs the other.
You should have also seen that in my thread its disorganization wasnt even the main reason why I decided to give it up. I said it didnt have as much time as I thought I would with everything else that I have going on, plus its dividing GC which was the number one reason.
I also said I was more than willing to come back if I ever got the time and it was more organized. Sure, I could stay a member but as I said, right now I don't even have the time to do that really.

The thing about being damned if you do it and damned if you dont comes from someone stating that they thought Gamma Chi was a waste of time and stupid and we should be putting our efforts into our own org, and then they turned around 2 sentences later and said for all of you never quit and quitters never win. So...
GX waste of our time, stupid, and efforts should be put into own org = damned if you do.
Then telling us winners never quit and quitters never win= basically damned if we don't do it.

Fine, I wont put AXO in with Gamma Chi, I'll put my own organization Alpha Gamma Delta into context with it. Why? Because at one time in its history AGD was a start up just as Gamma Chi was, and I'm sure that within my proud organization's almost 100 years history its had its fair share of disorganization, and people who thought it would never become of anything, because nothing is perfect. And it has taken some disorganization, people disbelieving, time, effort, and everything else that has made it into a well established and reputable organization that it is today and will continue to be. One that I and my sisters love deeply. I am not afraid to say my org is far from perfect, but it does the best it knows how, cuz nothing is perfect.

The love that you may feel for AXO and other feel for their org, may be the same way some of these people who put their hard time and effort in might feel about Gamma Chi. Which is why when someone called it the stupidest thing, I and someone else said that we hope you never have the chance to hear someone rip something you loved to be involved in, apart like that.
Why should Gamma Chi be re-done... because like anything, it has bugs that need to be worked out and since its fairly new it wont hurt to go over things that have been done and reform them.

Again, lets just go back to being Greek.