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Let us all take a chill pill!

This Site has done more to cement Greek Relations than any thing I have ever seen!

There is no reason for anyone to leave this Site!

This is similar to when I was nominated to run for President and had a Cabinent in place! HAHA!

It is a thing of having a great group of people wanting to interact! You are a member of Greek Chat from the first time you make a post.

There are and will always be people who say no because----!

If it was not for this site, I would have never known many of MY Fellow LXA Brothers or Nina, Brandon, Sandy, Sarah, Kelly, Wendy, Wendi and on and on and on!

While I may not agree with everything, I will be a member of GC so I can meet other Best of The Best!

Where cab you go and ask a question and 99% of the time have an answer back with in one day?

Hell we all argue but make up some way!

Did you get along with your Brother/Sister blood or Greekness?


Live for tomarrow you may have lilys on your chest!

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