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First of all maybe most of those against Gamma Chi thought that it would be internet based and nothing more. Wrong! The intent of Gamma Chi was to go "reality" as some people would call it. Yeah, it was going to start out on here, because this is where most of us are currently and it was easier for everyone to communicate that way.
As far as the quitting thing...ok so what you do want people to do? You just plain and simple called it stupid and a waste of peoples time, but on the other hand you're saying people who are quitting are losers. Its like people are damned if they do it and damned if they don't. Also, you do have the right to say its stupid, even if it is hurtful to people, b/c alot of people did out a lot of effort into it and to them it might be like say AXO or whatever org is the dumbest thing on earth. I honestly hope you never run into anyone who says that comment to you. Sometimes you should do what the old saying says..."If you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all."
Again, I have no problems with GX, with my schedule and everything else, I dont really ahve the time I thought I would for it and plus it is disorganized, but as Fuzzie Alum said...what stuff hasnt been. And as I said if anyone wants to restart it and completely re-do it, I'd be all for it. I stil think it has potential, if others dont so be it. Like everyone has said, no one is frocing anyone to take part in it.

Anywho WE ALL need to chill and take a breather, we have to remember that no matter what we all may think of each other at the moment, we still represent our orgs. on this board and at least need to maintain some civility, because we have many interested watching this post and right now NONE of us are showing what Greek Life is about. As said, this thread will be closed soon, the sooner the better.

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