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Originally posted by FuzzieAlum

To those who don't like the idea of Gamma Chi: Respectfully, I don't think this message thread is the place for your opinion to be properly posted. I wouldn't go into a Sigma Sigma Sigma thread and say, "Oh, you're a dumb sorority." (Not that I think that, let me assure you.) The place for that opinion was in the original An Idea thread, or in any new thread you wish to start on the topic.
Hopefully no one would insult a real fraternity or sorority on a thread about them. But I can see why people have said what they have said here because Gamma Chi wouldn't be concidered a fraternity/sorority. It couldn't even be a local. Unless someone registers the idea for an internet fraternity its nothing but a club.

Maybe people are leaving Gamma Chi because it is not living up to the ideal you guys are talking about. All it is doing is spliting Greek chat into two sides.