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Oy, I knew I should have read GC over the weekend!

To those folks who think it's unorganized: Well, yes, of course it is! Do you think any organization is ever founded in a neat, organized fashion? Perhaps some of our GLOs were founded neatly and tidily - when they were just two girls keeping a secret, or ten girls, or 7 men, whatever. But we are trying to start something here with the input of a whole lot of people - does anyone really expect it to be easy? You know what they say about committees, and all we are here is committees - we don't even see each other face to face.

To those who think it's elitist: Elitist is thinking some people are better than others, or that some people can't join. Well, guess what! Greek organizations are elitist! We don't just let anyone join! On the contrary, however, Gamma Chi is not elitist. Anyone can join if they're willing to post 50 times or stick around for six months. The only people who can't do this are people who are going to be unexpectedly hit by a bus in the next few minutes.

To those who say "spend time on your own GLO": Well, I hope that we all take this _great_ advice to heart. Let's all quit our offices in IFC or Panhel or Alumnae Panhellenic ... Let's revile those Greeks who helped other Greeks found GLOs. I won't be a Rho Chi, because I could be spending that time helping MY chapter rush. And I sure won't go to that Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Auction - not when I could just out raising money for me and MY sorority. I'm sure not going to participate in Derby Days, and let Sigma Chi get the glory for my work. Forget putting together a team for that Phi Mu flag football tournament. I'm even beginning to feel sorry I ever suggested to my younger sister she rush ... I mean, they didn't have AXD on her campus, how could that have possible benefitted me? All it would have done is make some other org stronger.

To those who are already ready to quit: That's your decision, of course. But I think that if we expected everything to be easy and smooth thus far, we were deluding ourselves. We have a lot of different personalities here.

To those who don't like the idea of Gamma Chi: Respectfully, I don't think this message thread is the place for your opinion to be properly posted. I wouldn't go into a Sigma Sigma Sigma thread and say, "Oh, you're a dumb sorority." (Not that I think that, let me assure you.) The place for that opinion was in the original An Idea thread, or in any new thread you wish to start on the topic.
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