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Arrow can't even miss a day around here or things get out of hand! I agree with Tonya that unfortunately Gamma Chi has caused a strain on relationships within Greek Chat. I'm still interested in the ideals of Gamma Chi, but not until it under goes some major "tinkering."

1) Perhaps you can ask John (or whoever takes care of these things) to create a Gamma Chi forum under "Gamma Listings." This would eliminate the wealth of posts in the Greek Life Forum and allow people to find the information easier without having to dig through a seven page post.
2) People on committees, clean out your PM box often! It's very frustrating to PM you and not be able to get through...then people have to post here and say "where is so and so info" for the five hundredth time.
3) Better communication!!! Try to stay in touch with people from other committees and be open to constructive criticism...if everyone gets snippy with each other, this is never going to work.