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This Has Gone Too Far, So Heres The Deal...

As I said here is the deal

This thread along with Alpha List For Gamma Chi and Gamma Chi Membership Requiremnts will be deleted. I don't know when John is going to get the chance to do it, but they will be deleted. I already PMed him and asked him to, because it wouldn't allow me to using the GCMembership name otherwise they'd be history by now.
What I will do for the remaining members on the membership committee is post ONE thread using my username, titled General Info for Gamma Chi, which will have the requirements, application (if mem still wants to use it) and alpha list as my last duty one membership.
That's right I resign from Gamma Chi. I'm done.
I'll be the first to admitt that its disorganized. But not in a bad way. Its just that you have a lot of people that want to help and be part of something they believe is great, with a set goal, but everyone's going with it here and there instead of all going in one direction and not really communicating. I still believe in GX and what everyone wants it to be and hope that one day it will go to the scale we planned for it. However, I think it would have to start over from scratch at the moment to go there.
But the disorganization is not why I am quitting (for the time being maybe) Gamma Chi
This thread and other stuff that happens on GC is why. If Gamma Chi is going to start splitting GC (why it is I still have no clue) and people are going to start taking stuff out of context, than I'd rather not take part. Besides that between work and trying to get on the VST for my org. and joing the Alum Panhel, I don't think Ill have time. But feel more than free to throw anything by me if ya want
So, no more apps to moi. I will put in the thread where to send them to. Remember ya got 2 days Good luck with Gamma Chi. If anyone took offense to anything I wrote than I apologize, except for the last post. Again much luck to ya.


*side note* it really that deep?