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Ok...I couldnt resist!

The diferency between Gamma Chi and Greek Chat for ME was this. Greek Chat was just a place where we can post messages and responde to others here....that's where it ends.

Gamma Chi picks it up from there and modivates people interested in it to do something about the negativity shown on Greek Chat..I mean lets face occurs. There is always a thread about "which sorority is the best" or "National vs. Locals". These things only continue the problem by causing more negativity and stress on each ohter and only widens the gap between us! And Greek Chat alone does nothing to combat that! Gamma Chi unites us in a way much father than just posting.

I dont think the PAY ATTENTION was meant to slap anyone in the face...I think it was typed that why only to stress that there was new information on the Membership stuff.

If you dont see the point. Dont return. But there must be something bringing you back if you are reading the posts and posting yourself.

Whatever you want to THINK is fine! But I dont bash your org so dont bash mine. If you dont want to be a part of it dont read the posts....skip them!

I hope this has helped some understand things a little better. These are only my opinions though. But GX must be good for something because it has united some in ways I dont think Greek Chat ever could????

Thanks for hearing me out