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Originally Posted by Vi11an View Post
There Goes An Alpha Man...couldn't have said it better myself

simply we call ourselves the first INTERCOLLEGIATE FRATERNITY FOR BLACK MALES, meaning a fraternity, incorporated in April of 1907, which was constantly, for years multiple times a year, chartering other chapters on some of the greatest institutions of higher learning in the country and outside the country. Cornell, Howard, Univ of Chicago, Boston University, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, etc. To compare these two is an insult.
I believe this is a reference to the letter of incorporation filed with the New York Secretary of State, dated April 11th, 1907, by Jewel Robert Harold Ogle. However, incorporation is not really at the core of this thread. Once the decision was taken that the fraternity would "grant charters to bodies that meet with their (Alpha Chapter's) distinct approval." and was actuated by Jewels Eugene Kinkle Jones and Nathaniel Allison Murray by "making" Beta Chapter at Howard University on December 20th, 1907 Alpha Phi Alpha became by original vision, and in fact, intercollegiate.

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