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Since the subject has come up I guess I'll comment on it. I'll preface it by saying that the IDEA underlying Gamma Chi is great.

However, what is the difference between Gamma Chi and Greek Chat? They have the same intentions, ideas and goals. What is the benefit to the members that could not be provided by simply being a regular poster/reader of the Greek Chat Message Boards?

I can't really see how a 'membership committee' or a 'PR committee' or anything like that can really help this organization. All this stuff it seems to me to be extra.

If y'all want to spend your time and energy on this, it's really none of my business. Reading the messages doesn't bother me. I agree that we can ignore what we don't want to be involved in.

I would just strongly urge those that are steering this ship to take a step back and iron out some truly defined goals. Decide on questions like:

"What will Gamma Chi do to benefit the Greek Community as a whole?" (set goals)

-- Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound objectives (SMART) as to how you'll accomplish this mission.

I see a great amount of intrest and it's true that the greek community tends to be a community of leaders, but sometimes we get carried away. I think it would be good at this point to step back, take things in and refocus your energy in a better way.

IN NO WAY do I want to detract from any of your hard work at this, I am just making a casual observation. Neither positive, nor negative. I actually see a great deal of potential here as long as it's well thought out and not over-burdened with politics, committees, etc (ANY time you get a lot of Greeks together in one place working towards a goal, politics will come into play in a BIG way).

It just seems you're putting the cart before the horse (or however that cliché goes). I'll now return to my silence

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