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wow, I do agree, I too, go away for a weekend and work all week, and come back to drama x's 3. So heres my two cents.Really, I believe some are looking at Gamma Chi like it's some elite group, when really folks, settle down it's not that serious.
I mean really, like anything else on this board, if you don' t like it, and all that , then don't be bothered by it. As for those asking why can't the actual person send or rather post remarks about Membership or recruitment or etc... Well heres a clean answer, Gamma Chi is broken up by committee's , so no one thing is decided by a person. SO thats why some things come from GC Membership Committee hense the word Committee :-D
Also I don't think Gamma Chi should have it's own forum , cause then every other local and other greek org should be listed, so if we going to do it that way , then be fair.
My soultion is to just use MSN or Yahoo or whichever message board system to post everything, since the Gamma Chi"Thread"(sense some think of it that way) is taking ohhh soo much space in greek life and other forums.
Well thats just my two cents, so Gamma Chi'ers up for the move