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Originally posted by dzsaigirl
I happen to agree that while the intent of Gamma Chi is good, the way that it has come across to me is kinda negative so far, especially this thread in particular...can't we all just get along!
I feel the exact same way. The majority of the things I've read about Gamma Chi, now that it is being put into play, are in a sense negative. I.E. this thread where the last part of the topic says "PAY ATTENTION." It seems as if someone is screaming through their computer monitor and bashing their fingers on their keyboard out of rage and anger. That doesn't seem to project a positvie attitude of the organization.

Furthermore, imagine what many of you could be doing with your own organizations (granted you do belong to one) if you put all the time you are putting into Gamma Chi, into your own org. Imagine the possibilities, the chances, the situations that you could use your time for/with. I would like to think that you would put your time and effort into that first, and this second, but that is just my opinion, and that is what I would do.