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Wow... I go away for a weekend and come back to a controversy...!

Here is my take on Gamma Chi.

1. It's certainly not intended as an elitist or exclusive organization. The Alpha class had to be kept to a manageable size, and a good way of doing that was to offer Alpha class membership, as a reward, only to those of us who have joined committees and worked at contributing to the fledgling group. Everyone else will have an opportunity to join the Beta class. I'm not a member of the membership committee - but I had envisioned a Beta new member period running almost concurrently with the Alpha period, maybe 2 weeks behind, so that we would all be full members of GX almost at the same time.

(Sadly, I think a lot of people have fallen through the cracks - they've PM'd someone or posted about wanting to join a committee, not gotten a response, and gone away discouraged. I'm sure I'm guilty of this too.)

2. I was a little surprised to see what the membership committee came up with as far as membership rules and the application. Frankly, the application is too long. It's appropriate to ask for people's greek affiliation (if any), what philanthropic cause they plan to support, etc. But some of the other questions just don't belong.

3. I envisioned Gamma Chi not so much as something you'd have to apply for, be voted into, etc. - but as a fun and *open* way to bring this community closer together. To have a way to recognize fellow GreekChatters (via pins, letters, etc) if you happen to bump into someone on the street. To encourage people to get out and serve their community. To foster inter-greek relations. (To give us an excuse to spend money on new letters. ) Instead, we seem to have a division in this community now, and that bothers me. I think we've all gotten into the wrong mindset. Most, if not all, GLO's are exclusive organizations; you have to rush, be voted in, and complete a period of provisional membership before becoming full members. GreekChat, however, is not an exclusive organization. Anyone can sign up - it takes about 30 seconds. Gamma Chi, as an offshoot of GreekChat, has to reflect that openness (though it should take longer than 30 seconds to join - hence the new member period).

Just my $0.02

As for what forum these posts belong in, may I suggest a Gamma Chi forum under the Gamma listings?
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