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If This Post Comes Off As Snotty......

Good! It was meant to. Why? Cuz I've pretty much had it.

"I" UMgirl (Tonya, and Alpha Gamma Delta Alum from the University of Michigan), whatever you want to call me, am the one who is writing the post on behalf of GCMembership and most people have known this fact cuz in a few of the post I did write my name. And as Beryana said I was doing it on behalf of my committee and they also can use the GCMembership name if they want to. I am not the only one with access to it. Its a committee screen name so our info could be given out.

Are you really trying to tell me that about 10 lil threads (with about 2 having more than 30 replies) our of about 10,000 or whatever is really getting on your nerves!?!? That sounds a little ludacris to me. As people have said time and again on here, you can always skip over it. No one is forcing anyone to look at it. And yeah, we did request a separate forum, but havent heard back. Maybe we should have did locals but since many people dont go into the locals forum if they arent IN one, the thought might have been to put it in Greek Life, ya know since it is about Greek Life and people always come into this forum. And I have only heard a few people disagree over Gamma Chi while a ton have expressed interest in it (even someone who now seems against it) so a majority of people on GC cant be against or don't care about it.There aremany people who don't care about A LOT of the stuff thats posted in many of the forums, but I have never really heard anyone tell them to move it to another forum until now.

TigerGirl52- No one told you to put it on your resume. No one even said you had to join and as far as it being exclusive.... please explain how since its open to Greeks of any org, conference, academic, professional, honorary, social, local, internationa, and national and any others that I may be missing. Even to NON-greeks who want to know more about Greek Life. And someone is right when they said you don't have to greek to help promote greek life. Yes its great to have the experience of it behind you, but thats kind of liek saying, "Hey you can't promote Civil Rights, cuz your not African American",thats being exclusive. And I do put my sorority on my resume and I have had MANY people impressed with it and ask about it. Would I put GX on my resume now? No not at the moment, but if it took off on a grander scale and wasnt just internet-base as I assume people want to make it.. I would.

Gamma Chi is suppose to be a org where people from all walks of Greek Life communitcate together about common issues they have and try to solve those while getting Greek Life out there. Thats where "sharing common themes from around the world" comes from. All Greeks share common issues (i.e. themes). As to my knowledge this isnt happening in the "Real World" yet and no even on here to a point (John, I know that this is probably what you want it to do and I give major props, but I mean that it takes PEOPLE, not just one person ). If you want to do it on your own your way...fine, so be it. But let us do it ours. If it doesnt work out, we can say at least we tried.

Also people, please read through stuff before jumping to conclusions and that may clear up some of the confusion that is going on with Gamma Chi. Also I know everyone is trying to be helpful with GX but people please ask someone, ANYONE, about starting groups or forming something on your own. It just adds to the confusion and makes it hard to communicate when some have no clue what's going on.

If you don't like the idea of Gamma Chi. Don't be in it. Plain and simple, even though i'd be great if everyone could. No one is forcing you too. If you think its silly, that's your opinion and your more then welcome to it.
Everything has problems to overcome, if all the people who are working on Gamma Chi continue to work as hard as they do, I am sure the bugs of Gamma Chi will get solved, but lets remember nothing is perfect (not even one's org).

You know, I seriously thought about saying the F*@! with Gamma Chi after all the confusion thats seems to be going on with it and trying to clarify thing. Moreover, after I read some of the post in this thread (which was not written for replies but just to clear confusion). But now, I want to stay on, because I like the idea of Gamma Chi or something like it before tcsparky even thought of the idea, to prove it can happen. And like i said if, it doesnt...oh well. At least we tried, which is more than what many can say.

You can report me, ban me, do whatever you feel is right. You did what you had to do. Just like I'll continue what I have to do.

*side note*

I really am not this big of a B&%$! usually