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Thank you to all who have weighed in to defend Gamma Chi.
No, I did not anticipate that this would take off as it has. I am pleased with the large numbers of positive responses. A person does not have to actually be a member of a Greek organization to be able to promote Greek communication (which can occur between Greeks or between Greeks and non-Greeks). Most of the detractors from Greek life on any campus are non-Greeks. By including non-Greeks and their opinions in Gamma Chi, we become MORE inclusive, and have a better quality of communication. Since no one is born a member of a Greek organization, all persons here were once non-Greeks. Their feelings and opinions were just as important then as they are now that they are members of a Greek org.
Gamma Chi is an EXTENSION of the goals and aims of Greekchat, not a replacement, not a clique. We have formalized our resolve, and taken it to the next level. I agree that I will never list it on a professional resume. I list only my professional organizations there. There are many interests or activities that I do not list on a job application or professional resume, because that is not the place to list them.
I hope that posters will continue to evaluate what they read, and be supportive of efforts to improve communication between different Greeks orgs, and the friends they have outside of the Greek community.
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