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OK...I'm gonna have to agree with James and Ex Greek on this one. At first I was open to the idea of Gamma Chi but now I really don't see the point. First off...what would I or anyone else get from being a member of GX? I thought and thought and thought about it and I came to the conclusion that there's really nothing for me to gain. Not to be rude...but that's why we have GreekChat in the first place. We all came here to get and share ideas about how to make Greek Life better. It's not like I could put on my resume that I'm a member of Gamma Chi. Any prospective employer would think I'm nuts for joining an online "fraternity". Most employers I know would think to themselves..."HMMMMM...that's great. This person isn't going to be productive at all because they are going to be spending every waking moment online with their "fraternity". I've just been reading the threads and the whole idea kinda rubs me the wrong way. It just seems that an elitist group of posters has decided to section themselves off from the rest of the posters here. Why do that? Just seems to me that it will only help to perpetuate the stereotypes that outsiders may have about the greek community. Why can't we all just be one big happy GreekChat family????