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I am on a campus that has experienced some expansion recently, and it is NOT easy. I know everyone has said this, but let me just throw one more on there and hopefully we can get through to some of the people who might not be grasping that fact.

Yes, it sounds really romantic to start a new NPC chapter and the expansion team might even try to lure you in with that, but seriously, if you dont have the right national support and the right drive, and you seriously have no idea how a chapter operates because you've never been in one (which would make sense if youre trying to start a chapter) is not going to be fun.

If you want to start a chapter, then YOU and your other founding friends are the sole people that are doing everything. And no one ends up doing it perfect, no matter how much research or help, there are always big mistakes made.

If you really want to start something from the ground up, you have to be prepared to be confused, frustrated, lost, overwhelmed, and also, be prepared for everyone else on campus thinking your org is a total wreck and none of you know what youre doing (because you dont). You have be strong enough to handle that, look past it, and stay dedicated. Yes, it will be satisfying in the end and you'll be proud and you will look back on it fondly and I am sure you'll have fun, but it is not about "Ohhh! Look, I am a founding lady and I have letters now and secrets and I'm the president!"

Women who found chapters are brave, brave individuals....whether they realize what they are getting themselves into or not. The ones who make it through and are active, they are better people than I am. I have a lot of respect for the women on my campus that made their chapter into what it is now. Everyone else though, you gotta be real careful about what you get yourself into.
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