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Originally Posted by OTW View Post
Ummm...campuses won't want to expand if current houses haven't been at total for a while or if some houses are struggling for membership.

How's about you let the campus officials determine whether or not the Greek community is in need, mmmkay?

That's not entirely true. George Washington University (DC) brought on a new national organization when all it's chapters were not at total and some were hurting for members. What statistics have found is that bringing on a new organization after some time actually does encourage a new percentage of women (or men) to come out to experience what Greek life has to offer. Sometimes chapters can create stereotypes that can become so deep, they can scare people off. Bringing on a new chapter has encouraged those who were, at one point, not interested in Greek life.

It may not be a great way to approach Greek life, but that's what happened at GW and it seems like it benefitted most of the NPC chapters on their campus. I did see statistics from this exact situation and study when my own campus was considering bringing another chapter on (we did not); I was pretty stunned by the results.

This is not to say the same thing would work at every campus, but expansion is usually looked at as a way of benefitting the entire Greek community or council, not just a way for a new organization to start it's newest chapter.

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