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Hey everyone, I was a Pi Chi 2 years during my time at Auburn. Here is some of the advice that I've given my girls who have been cut by their favorite sororities or who didn't get their 1st or 2nd choice.

1. The girls that are rushing you usually aren't going to end up being your best friend. The girls that you will be closest too are the girls who are lining up to go into the parties with you! A lot of girls don't think of this! But it is SOOO true!

2. If you end up pledging a sorority that wasn't your favorite because you didn't like their recruitment. Take that as a chance to step up and change things for the better! The sororities are looking for girls who are going to make their chapter better! Don't just sit back, step up and make a difference!! It makes it even more fun!

3. KEEP AN OPEN MIND!!!! enough said

4. If you get a bid from a sorority that isn't your favorite, give them a chance! They've rushed you hard and they want you to be apart of their sisterhood!!

Ok, thats all I can think of right now! Good luck!!
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