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I did get my first choice, but I still have some advice.

I rushed as a junior with a not-so-hot GPA (although it was on it's way up!)

I knew from day one, that had my #1 dropped me for whatever reason, I would join whomever would give me a bid. Not because I wanted to join ANY sorority, but because

A) My second option were an amazing group of girls

B)I knew that my chances were not so hot and was VERY realistic about my expectations for being dropped.


C) THEY would have still wanted ME!

I did set out to be in a particular sorority (not always the best game plane at rush), but I knew I wanted to be Greek even if that didn't work out. That was more important. I also knew I would never rush again as a senior.

As a member of Panhellenic I saw girls that didn't even deal with basic hygiene swear that they had to be a member of #1sororityoncampuswhereeverygirlishotandhasamazing hairand4.0gpaandisoverlyinvolved.

Be realistic. Try to imagine a chapter that is realistic for who you are or who you are avidly (and outwardly) working toward becoming. See if you see those qualities in the chapters on your campus.
I am not my hair. I am not this skin . I am the soul that lives within.

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