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Such a great post! I didn't get my first choice and I was devastated at first. I was SURE I was going to get my first choice, and just couldn't believe I didn't.

Then I went to my Bid Day events, met some great girls and decided to give it a chance. It was the best thing I ever did. I met some of my closest friends in the world, was a leader in my pledge class, on my exec board and on my university's Panhellenic board. I was usually a walking billboard for my sorority. I know I would not have gotten the experiences and opportunities I had had I joined another chapter. Turns out, I am still very close friends with girls from my "first choice," and I lived with a few of them after college, but I know that I ended up where I was supposed to be. I am so glad that I joined the house I did--of course the other sorority is a wonderful organization and I would have been proud to be a member. But for who I was in college and who I am now, I know it worked out like it was supposed to.
ITA! I went through recruitment with BabyPink_FL, and we experienced a rush of emotions together. I distinctly remember telling a friend I'd rather vomit than join my second choice. Needless to say, I ended up getting a bid to my 2nd choice, and wasn't totally excited about it. But at the bid revelation process, when I saw my new sisters ready to welcome me with open arms, I knew I needed to give them a chance.

And it still felt uncomfortable during my new member process, considering a great deal of friends and my roommate were members of my 1st choice. But from about halfway through my new member period on, it just clicked and I knew that I ended up where I was supposed to. And I was able to partake in amazing experiences with my chapter and make even more amazing friends all over the Greek community!

If my experience hadn't happened, I would not have traveled for my National Organization after graduation, served my chapter or our Greek community as heavily as I did or been able to find such support and mentorship amongst so many of my sisters as I began my career. ABSOLUTELY worth it all. And my friend still gives it to me about the vomit comment - something I can laugh about now, I guess...
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