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All great advice. THanks for starting this thread KSU.

One thing that I would add: do not feel/complain that the group that you did not receive a bid from was "fake," "led you on," "lied to you," etc. It is very, very likely that the women whom you met during recruitment *did* like you and *did* want you to be a part of their chapter. However, virtually all of the PNMs in a pref party have the same situation. Everyone attending the pref party likely has a group of members pulling for them.

Only a specified number can receive bids, but everyone at the pref party is somewhere on the bid list. You were genuinely liked by the group, as evidenced by receiving an invitation to the pref party.

It is also likely that the members that you met do not know where you fell on the list and may be thinking that you turned them down! Keep your head high, and run to the chapter that bid you with grace and dignity. Your new sisters will be so excited to see you!
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