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Advice for PNMs: Not getting a bid to your 1st choice.

I thought this would make a good topic with recruitment season kicking off. Hope everyone agrees. I think it's a more common scenario than not getting a bid at all.

Some advice:

I feel as though it is perpetuated that PNMs will instantly feel "warm fuzzies" about a chapter IMMEDIATELY when they accept a bid.

This is NOT the case for everyone. Some girls do, some don't.

You might not be immediately be in love with your 2nd or 3rd choice.

Heck, you may even question your decision a few times. That's ok.

It takes TIME to "feel at home."

It doesn't always happen the MOMENT you accept your bid.

For some, it takes going to a few events and finding sisters that you have something in common with. Sometimes, it's meeting your Big sis. Sometimes, it takes getting initiated to feel "at home."

So don't panic should you find yourself not immediately smitten with the chapter you got a bid from.

For some, it takes getting to know people and finding out what the chapter is all about before they feel "at home." And there's nothing wrong with that.
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