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Originally Posted by perfectinpurple View Post

This exactly! During my recruitment I was dropped by a chapter I was a legacy to, and wasn't particularly thrilled with my invitations for the day. After a good long cry to my recruitment counselor she told me this (at least this was the gist of it):

"So what if ABC & XYZ didn't want you? Heck! ABC & XYZ didn't want me either. But I stuck with it, no matter how badly I wanted to drop out, or how bad I felt on the inside, or how much I felt like I wasn't as good as all the other girls who did get invited back to ABC & XYZ. And you know what? I couldn't be happier that ABC & XYZ dropped me, because otherwise I may have never become a part of the wonderful sisterhood I'm in now!"

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that a lot of other girls get dropped from houses they thought they were perfect for too. A lot of these girls end up as amazing sisters of other houses, who couldn't be happier, because they didn't take themselves out of recruitment.

This is good advice, but it's probably meant more for girls who don't end up in their top choice, not so much for those who didn't get bids at ALL.

If we had a "what to do if you don't get your first choice" thread, this would be perect for it.
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