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If you don't receive an invitation from a chapter with whom you are a legacy, or with whom you were certain you clicked, don't lose faith. It may be that you were meant to be somewhere else. QUOTE]

This exactly! During my recruitment I was dropped by a chapter I was a legacy to, and wasn't particularly thrilled with my invitations for the day. After a good long cry to my recruitment counselor she told me this (at least this was the gist of it):

"So what if ABC & XYZ didn't want you? Heck! ABC & XYZ didn't want me either. But I stuck with it, no matter how badly I wanted to drop out, or how bad I felt on the inside, or how much I felt like I wasn't as good as all the other girls who did get invited back to ABC & XYZ. And you know what? I couldn't be happier that ABC & XYZ dropped me, because otherwise I may have never become a part of the wonderful sisterhood I'm in now!"

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that a lot of other girls get dropped from houses they thought they were perfect for too. A lot of these girls end up as amazing sisters of other houses, who couldn't be happier, because they didn't take themselves out of recruitment.
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