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Folks need to realize that the expansion process doesn't happen over night. As already said the numbers need to be there to support a new org. Nearly all Chapters need to be at or close to total. Often Total has been raised significantly and Quotas have been increasing. The growth has to be a proven trend, not a fluke. This means years of increasing numbers.

Once the University determines expansion is needed then a proposal is made to Panhellenic for approval. After that the actual expansion process begins. Panhellenic's typically first approach GLO's that have been chartered on campus previously but are no longer active. Not only is this courteous, but more importantly are the historical ties. Practically every GLO that ever closed a chapter would love the opportunity to return. If there aren't enough/any previously chartered groups or if they decline, then Panhellenic looks to other NPC orgs.

Those GLOs have to then agree to present, which basically means make a sales pitch to Panhellenic. I/nationally they have to analyze whether they can support this new chapter. If it's a campus that has sorority owned housing then they have to be in a financial position to build a new house. That's big bucks. They look at their area alumnae base to see if there are enough willing/able to volunteer. They also have to consider other expansion efforts going on at other campuses. I've heard of groups turning down an offer to present because they already had too much on their plate.

The selected groups make presentations to Panhellenic and the delegates vote on which group they feel would best fit into that campus. Finally the selected group comes on campus to (re)colonize.

As you can see this whole process can take years. And just because someone (hopefuls or alumnae) may want ABC or XYZ on campus, it doesn't mean it will happen.
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