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Originally Posted by hopeful:) View Post
I think that expansion is awesome, if the Greek community is in need. Why wouldn't you want to expand. ? ?? ?? ?
Why didn't your mom and dad get you that pony you "needed" when you were 9 years old? Because a pony requires a lot of time, effort, space to put it, and let's face it - the whole family has to be cool with the idea of a pony.

If you can't get a bid from the groups that are already there, a new group isn't going to help unless you can bamboozle the national officers into letting you in. And guess what, the last thing national officers are looking for when colonizing is someone who was cut by all the groups on campus. ETA: Or someone who has had 3 years to rush and didn't, and when she is getting around to it, doesn't want to join any of the groups on campus.
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