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I matched in Pediatrics at the University of Arkansas/Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock...very, very happy.

Here's the rundown of Greeks in my med school class and where they're headed (Cities used to protect the innocent)

Phi Psi - Surgery, La Crosse WI
Farmhouse - Surgery, Dallas TX
Sig Ep - Internal medicine, Sacramento CA
Lambda Chi - Urology, Omaha NE
Theta Chi - Int Med, Madison WI
Beta - Int Med, Salt Lake City
Beta - Int med, San Diego CA
ADPhi - Radiology, Omaha NE
Lambda Chi - Emergency, Chicago IL
DG - OB/Gyn, Omaha NE
Phi Tau - Int Med, Omaha NE
Theta - Family med, Wichita KS
Sig Ep - Anesthesia, Rochester MN
Beta - Anesthesia, Milwaukee WI
Tri Delt - med/peds, Milwaukee WI
Tri Delt - int med, Portland OR
Theta - int med, Richmond VA
DU - int med, Portland OR
DZ - int med, Omaha NE
Pike - pysch, Columbus OH
DZ - OB/Gyn, Omaha NE
AZD - Anesthesia, Omaha NE
Theta Chi - Surgery, Oklahoma City OK
Gamma Phi - peds, Columbus OH
Phi Tau - neurosurg, Iowa City, IA
Sig Ep - Ortho, Washington DC

There are a couple of people who I know are greek but I can't think of their affiliation right now...
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