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The Clio Sorority was founded at Geneseo in 1872 and at one point had ten chapters throughout New York/ Pennsylvania. Yours at Oswego was at one point the Iota chapter. In the early part of the century Alpha Sigma Alpha began petitioning Clio chapters to become Alpha Sigma Alpha. Our Chapter specifically was asked in 1943, but declined although a few chapters did join like yours. In 1953 the Chancellor of the SUNY system made the decision to disolve all nationally affiliated Greek organizations because of the racist policies of some. So at that point all of the remaining Clio chapters ended thier afilliation with each other as did Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters at SUNY. Some of the ASA chapters went back to being Clio, some created their own locals, etc. I think the national ban was lifted sometime in the 1980's, but most of the Clio chapters had closed by that time, so the only remaining ones are Alpha Clio, SUNY Geneseo, and Kappa Clio, SUNY Potsdam. So I guess our sororities are distantly related, lol.

Anyway there is no letter for Clio, we go by the letters Phi Kappa Pi. Hope that helps!
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