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Originally Posted by DaemonSeid View Post
Both have some influences on each other
Originally Posted by knight_shadow View Post
True. Most of the "acid jazz" that I listen to sounds more like house than jazz.
Yes I agree. However, I meant that from more of an approach to the music, rather the end result. Turbalists comparing themeselves to improv musicians of the 50's and 60's, both groups envisisioning themselves on their respective instruments/equipment untill oldage and finally death prevent them.

plus, both house and jazz seem to be music for musicians. I don't know If i'd appreciate either one of them as much as I do if I didn't also play music.

Originally Posted by Zephyrus View Post
I really get into some of the trance music. A lot of the 80s remake stuff is pretty good.
Yeah it is, have you heard the remix/remake of "sunglasses at night?"
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