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Originally Posted by Zillini View Post
Excellent post and topic APhiAnna, but I have to disagree with this statement.Univ admission standards vary greatly from one campus to another, even from one college/major to another within a Univ. It is a mistake to assume that all PNMs are roughly equivalent in GPA, resume, etc simply based on the fact that they were accepted to that Univ.
I agree in certain cases. Obviously many schools will have a certain major or program that can be more competitive than all the others in terms of admission, and sometimes too the opposite is true. However I think a safe way to play it is to assume that your stats are par for the course so you don't rest on your laurels, so to speak. I also think that at the majority of schools in America, there is a firm "middle ground" where the majority of students will fall that has more or less the same statistics. Especially considering how competitive pretty much ALL universities are getting these days, a lot of the women will have strong stats.
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