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Originally Posted by nittanyalum View Post
PenguinTrax, you're a SuperMod, you and the other 3 I'm sure can find at least a middle road here. Delete Hollywin's post and the responses that engendered, besides that little interlude, that thread was fine. And is needed. Move it to Greek Life where it won't be this forum's mods' concern.
Is this what everyone wants?

You've got a moderator abusing her privileges, and as "Supers" I would assume it's your role to keep the checkers in check.
I think this is going too far. I think any mod, including myself, can be accused of overstepping bounds at one time or another. I have supported most of Carnation's decisions in regards to the way this forum is moderated, whether I've been public about it or not. Plus, as a SuperMod our job is not to second-guess other mods, but to handle spammers, etc.

As far as LL's thread is concerned, I was unaware of the controversy as I've not been around much except to handle Reported Posts and ban spammers. By the time I got to my inbox with the reported posts from LL's thread, it had already been archived.
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