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FWIW - I was dropped by a chapter to which I was a direct legacy. It might have been because I was rushing as a sophomore after transfering from another school, it might have been because I burst into tears at the second party because I had just learned my aunt had died, it might have been because I unknowingly wore almost the same exact dress as the Gamma Phis had chosen, it could have been that I was a drama major, and there are some chapters who have concerns about that, it could have been any number of things. I was tempted to drop out of rush entirely, but I knew as a sophomore I would not have many options.

I pledged Gamma Phi, and never looked back. I did all I could to make myself worthy of the trust Gamma Phi placed in me when they gave pinned me with those brown and mode ribbons and the crescent pledge pin.
I can also report that my mother sat next to a friend and sister of this legacy chapter at my graduation. As I was brought forward to receive the Outstanding Senior Woman Award for my class, she turned to my mother and said, "How did we miss that girl during rush?".

If you don't receive an invitation from a chapter with whom you are a legacy, or with whom you were certain you clicked, don't lose faith. It may be that you were meant to be somewhere else. I always advise young women going through recruitment to think - wouldn't you rather be in a group that really wants you, as opposed to throwing yourself against a brick wall of women who, however popular or cool they may be, do not love you the way your sisters should? Read the many recruitment story threads that show women who wound up in a totally different house than they imagined they would at the start of recruitment. Try to be open minded, and look for the place where you will be most at home.
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