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Originally Posted by OTW View Post
Agree. For some reason I didn't pay too much attention to her posts because it was yet another "I want to start a new sorority" thread.

I just don't get how outsiders/non-members would even know how a group (let alone three) would lose their ideals over the years.
I really should have quoted 33 too, but I goofed.

I'm not that interesting in people forming new groups, but I can see how looking from the outside in at many campuses, some GLOs don't seem to be able the same things that are, say, listed in the history section of their webpage.

Now, I'm not saying that the groups aren't really living their values because that's not what's on display during Greek Week or whatever. But if you looked only at the surface with a critical eye, I can see why some people come away with "this campus needs a genuine sisterhood about the spiritually uplifting aspects of service and scholarship" or whatever it is that the outsiders think the groups ideals are.

It probably points to a PR problem for some of established groups as well as "they didn't give us bids" or "we were too scared to go through recruitment" or "I always have to be in charge."
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