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Originally Posted by whitecross1889 View Post
I actually would like that if we could find a way to break the ice with at least one chapter we don't normally hang out with. So I'll hit ya'll with another question - would the fact that she is dating me (an active in an established chapter) help or hinder her? I mean, should she mention our relationship when it comes to why she rushed? I gave her a bracelet with my letters on it a while back, would it be kosher for her to wear it during rush, or is it something that is better left out? To be honest I'm trying to help her understand this but I'm just as cluless. IFC rush tends to be much MUCH less involved.

Something to think about:

Girls can assume (often incorrectly) that a girl who is dating someone in a certain fraternity only wants to be in a certain sorority (like the one that hangs out with them the most). Since they think she's only interested in one sorority, they will just go ahead and cut her since they think she's not interested. You wouldn't want groups to see her bracelet or listen to her talk about you and assume "Her bf is a Sigma Chi therefore she probably only wants ______ so we should just cut her now." I've seen that happen frequently.

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