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Originally Posted by whitecross1889 View Post
I actually would like that if we could find a way to break the ice with at least one chapter we don't normally hang out with. So I'll hit ya'll with another question - would the fact that she is dating me (an active in an established chapter) help or hinder her? I mean, should she mention our relationship when it comes to why she rushed? I gave her a bracelet with my letters on it a while back, would it be kosher for her to wear it during rush, or is it something that is better left out? To be honest I'm trying to help her understand this but I'm just as cluless. IFC rush tends to be much MUCH less involved.
While it's difficult to say as we don't know what school you go to, I would say it depends (of course). It depends on the members your girlfriend would be talking to during Recruitment and whether they had a good or bad experience with someone in your fraternity, or just your fraternity in general. IMO, I would not recommend she bring up your guys' relationship. Certainly I would not recommend lying, so if it comes up in natural conversation then so be it, but better to have sorority members judge your girlfriend on who she is, not that she is dating a guy in XYZ fraternity (whether it be good or bad).

I would definitely recommend, though, that she does not wear the bracelet. I think that would be perceived as a bit odd and kind of trying too hard.
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