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So I'm a Sigma Chi at a school in the southwest and Greek Life has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. That being the case, my girlfriend of nearly a year is going to attend the same college as me in the fall and seeing what I've got from my chapter she wants to rush herself. The system at my school is very small and somewhat sketchy so from what I have seen in two years of Greek life, Panhellenic chapters range in their quality as well as their willingness to associate with my chapter. So asking around and just from what I've experienced, I would love if she could get into Pi Phi. What if anything can I do as a member of a fraternity to help my girlfriend get into one specific house? I had thought of mentioning her to some of my friends in Pi Phi, saying she is rushing, that I love the experiences I've had with the Pi Phis on campus and I would be appreciative if they would just keep her in mind when it came to bid time. I'm not sure if that would help or hurt. Any general comments about how I, as a member of a fraternity, can help someone close to me during rush?
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