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Something important:

Be mindful of what you post here on GreekChat.

Don't ever assume "oh sorority members from my school don't post/lurk here."

Thousands of people come to this site every day. Some of them could very well include sorority members from your school.

If you're on GC posting really specific questions and including identifying information in your posts, it's not hard for girls from your school to figure out who you are.

This is no big deal if you're just asking normal questions about rush.

But if you're asking questions like "who's the best" or saying things about different sororities on campus "i.e. I will only consider ABC & XYZ", recruitment could become VERY difficult for you if sorority members from your school see that.

A general rule of thumb about posting here: If you wouldn't want a sorority member from your school to read it, don't post it.
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