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Originally Posted by DEKmel View Post
thanks for your help,

actually i originally did set out to branch off another prehealth sorority. I came into contact with the Rho Psi Eta in cali. The pres told us we were alll good to go so we started some stuff. Then all of a sudden i get an email from the founders saying that their pres never consulted with them and they don't want to extend because she didnt ask them first.
That's too bad. Were there any others out there that you looked into?

another question is we started what we called a "sister contract" which is what we want our members to sign say they agree to our rules and what not that we almost finished today. Did anyone else do this?
My organization doesn't have a physical contract. By accepting membership, we're accepting the fact that we have to adhere to certain policies. If those policies aren't followed, membership can (and often will) be terminated.
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