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Originally Posted by SAEalumnus View Post
I would take such information with a grain of salt.
That is, however, the official public story given by Alpha Chi Omega for their name. Whether there's more to the story, only Alpha Chi Omega's sisters know, and I'm sure none of us expect them to tell.

Originally Posted by LucyKKG View Post
I don't know about Chi Omega, though. Probably just a coincidence.
Like Kappa Alpha (Society or Order) and Kappa Alpha Theta? Or Kappa Alpha Psi? Or Alpha Kappa Alpha? Or Pi Kappa Alpha?

Sigma Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon?

Delta Phi and Delta Phi Epsilon? Or Alpha Delta Phi?

Kappa Sigma and Phi Kappa Sigma?

Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Kappa?

Phi Mu, Phi Mu Delta and Phi Mu Alpha?

There are lots of these coincidences. I wouldn't read too much into them.