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Good info from Past Year Recruitment

Fort Bend County Alumnae Panhellenic Association has a really good website. This is one page that has some good information.
Advice from past Years' Classes
Each year, we ask the new members to share with the next class their advice. The following three pages reflect several years' worth of advice.
One thing, told us 100% of the time, is: "please tell the girls to keep an open mind."
We hope you will read all the advice that follows. But if you only have time for one letter, this one sums up everything we want you to know:

"Advice I have for girls going through Recruitment is to keep an open mind and to not let the exhaustion and craziness that is Recruitment Week get to you.

There were several houses that I did not know anything about, but that I ended up absolutely loving as the week went on. I most likely would have released those early, had I not been open-minded. A lot of girls have their minds set at the beginning, only to get disappointed. Girls going through Recruitment next year would benefit greatly simply from knowing that every house has so much to offer and is great in its own way.

Also, it helps tremendously to get all of your References done on time and especially early. With the large numbers of girls, it is up to each girl to make sure that the sororities know of her, and the earlier, the better.

Thanks for helping make Recruitment easier for me and for supporting all of us girls in Fort Bend!"

Why be in a Sorority?
• "Through this one organization I am involved in everything I want; there is a great network to get a ride from, study for a test or just hang out with when I don't have much to do."
• "I love all of the events like formals, date dashes, crushes, and meeting so many great girls."
• "I have found out about and been able to participate in MORE campus activities than if I wasn't in a sorority."
• "The girls are so great and welcoming! They make us new members feel as if we are wanted, and I made so many friends."
• "I am so glad I went through it, because it was a positive experience and it was a lot of fun. If I had not done it, then I would always be wondering 'what if'."

Advice on References
• "You will hear that you don't need References, but you do. It is really important to get one for each house."
• "Plan on the entire process of compiling your packet and meeting with the women writing your references and letters to take about a month."
• "Get your packet done ASAP so you do not have to stress about it!;
• "As a sophomore, Recommendations would have greatly helped my chances for getting invited back to more houses.*

Tips for the Week
• "Get plenty of sleep."
• "The first day is very crazy, so don't judge the whole process by the Open House."
• "Bring plenty of band-aids for blisters you might get from running around in uncomfortable shoes"
• "Even when you*re tired, KEEP SMILING! They are tired, too."
• "Be energetic, because it will make you stand out among the rest of those flowing through."
• "Recruitment can be very emotional."
• "The Recruitment Counselors were very informative, and they helped me whenever I had a question about what to wear or what to ask sororities and many other questions."
• "Keep a positive attitude."
• "Be confident. Meet as many girls as you can."
• "Accept all invitations you can, because you never know how you will feel at the end."
• "Disappointments during the week are bound to happen, but you'll find one that you like even better!"
• "Smile, be polite, have a mint, body splash and deodorant on yourself at all times."
• "Your mom is the best and only person to talk with about what is going on." • "Trust the system."
• "Go with your heart and have fun with it."

Clothing Suggestions
• "Wait until you get the Recruitment information from your school to buy your clothes. It should have photos of what to wear for each day."
• "You donΥt have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I only had one new outfit, and the rest were clothes that I love and felt myself in. Feeling comfortable and cute in what you're wearing is key to being yourself during Recruitment."
• "Wear clothes that are conservative, but cool."
• "The biggest 'must' is a pair of flip-flops to wear when walking from house to house."
• "Have shoes that are flat and comfortable."
• "If you carry a purse, have in it hair brush, powder, oil absorbing sheets, lipstick, lip gloss."
• "A purse is just a hassle to keep up with."
• "UT doesnΥt allow purses in the houses; I wish I'd known that before I bought purses to match every dress!"
• "On days you had to sit on the floor, it was awkward if you were wearing a skirt."
• "Have all your outfits planned in advance."
• "Bring a variety of outfits and options, because at the last minute the weather could change or you could change your mind."
• "You may need a white dress for the official pledging ceremony the next day."
• "Ask your Recruitment Counselors for advice; theyΥre there to help."
• "Wear clothes that donΥt show too much sweat."

Things to Say and Things Not to Say
• "If someone asks a question, ask one back."
• "Ask about things that are important to you. Does the chapter have Bible studies; who gets • to live in the house; how much emphasis does the chapter put on philanthropy; and what is the chapter GPA. ."
• "Come in with a smile and several questions: How did you choose this sorority? What makes your sorority stick out? What kind of activities do you put on? Are there mandatory study hours? ."
• "Always be excited to be at each sorority and let them know how much you appreciate their time and effort to make you feel welcome. ."
• "If you like a sorority, LET THEM KNOW. This is how you get invited back. ."
• "Talk, talk, talk. ."
• "Take every opportunity to say thank you, I loved being here, skits were great, songs were wonderful. ."
• "I wish I would have told more houses how much I really liked them. ."
• "Be polite, even if you know a house is not for you. ."
• "Be careful what you say, even to Recruitment Counselors; it could be weird when you find out what sorority they are in. ."
• "Before Recruitment begins, don*t ever say, 'I want to be a such and such.' You learn later what goes into a Bid, and you feel stupid for having said things like that, especially if it was to an active. ."
• "DonΥt talk bad about other sororities to any girls in your group and definitely not to actives at the parties. ."
• "I heard girls at parties saying negative things about other sororities and even about girls going through Recruitment. Those were NOT good things to say. ."

Did Anyone Say 'Keep an Open Mind?'
• "Because I kept an open mind, Recruitment was much easier. I was still nervous, but it was a very fun experience."
• "Definitely keep an open mind and take one day at a time. Thinking too much in advance can become overwhelming."
• "Keeping an open mind about each sorority was the best tactic I used."
• "I heard 'keep an open mind' so much that I ignored it. But I ended up with what I thought was my last choice, gave it a chance and now I would not be anything else"

The Number One Thing I Learned . . .
• "Let the sorority of your choice know that you want them. They need to hear it. "
• "It's not about the 'top' sorority or what youΥre a legacy to; it's about where you feel at home. "
• "If you are friends with a girl in a particular sorority, she will still be your friend if you don't go what she is. And you will still be close to your high school friends that join other sororities. "
• "It was much more difficult rushing as a sophomore, but I don't think that should keep someone from the experience. "
• "Don't let one person turn you off; the next day you'll meet three awesome members at the same house. "
• "Everyone is as nervous as you are. "
• "Try to not take the whole process too personally. There are many factors that determine if a girl gets released that have nothing to do with how much they like her. They could have too many girls from that city already, they could have a large number of legacies, or they could even be looking for a particular SAT score and GPA. Just move on. "

How do You Make a Decision?
• "Look for a sorority with girls that have similar interests and values as you do. "
• "It's all about being yourself and finding the one that is right for you by talking to the girls and asking questions about what pertains to your personal social style. "
• "Be yourself and choose the one you feel most like yourself in. "
• "Trust those who keep inviting you back. They know that you're right for them even if you arenΥt sure. "
• "I know any of the last three sororities that I went to I would have been extremely at home and content with. "
• "Some houses will 'wow' you with huge productions, but look around at the girls in the house. Are these the girls you will want to call your sisters? "
• "I thought most sororities would be the same: a bunch of girls that like each other and like being together. On the first day I realized that each house has its own personality, and Recruitment Week became less stressful as I looked for a sorority that ΤfitΥ me. "

Overall I want to say . . .
• "Try to remain calm and just be yourself. "
• "Rush got very tiring and sometimes very stressful, but it has all proven to be worth the effort. "
• "Stick it out through the whole week; you will meet wonderful girls, even if you don*t pledge. "
• "Do not give up due to financial difficulties, because there are scholarships and things that will help you pay for it. "
• "Be true to yourself and what you want, whether you choose to go through or not, because this is a time to mold yourself, not to let others mold you. "
• "Everything happens for a reason. "
• "It is such a great way to meet so many girls in such a short amount of time. "

For more information There is a sample resume and info on how to put your packet together. Fort Bend County (Sugarland, Tx.) is located next to Harris County (Houston, Tx.
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