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Originally Posted by ClioGirl06 View Post
Phi Kappa Pi (Clionian Society)
-SUNY Geneseo (Alpha Clio) (Active)
-SUNY Potsdam (Kappa Clio) (Active)
-SUNY Plattsburgh (Delta Clio) (Dead?) (Unrecognized?)(Phi Kappa Chi)
-SUNY Oneonta (? Clio) (Dead)
-Mansfield (? Clio) (Dead)
-New Paltz (? Clio) (Dead)
A bunch of Clio chapters joined ASA...

SUNY Buffalo became the Pi Pi chapter of ASA.
SUNY Cortland became the Gamma Clio chapter of ASA
SUNY Oneonta became the Beta Xi Chapter of ASA

These all went back to Clio after the ban on nationals.

SUNY Oswego became the Beta Tau chapter of ASA and did not go back to Clio, but turned into a local called Alpha Sigma Chi.

Pi Pi recolonized I believe in the 1970s and closed in around 1992-94.
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