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Originally Posted by NutBrnHair View Post
When I was an undergrad (back in the day!) I remember hearing of a local group at Furman Univ. (SC) that was called the Chios. We were told that Chi Omega never challenged their use of the name because eventually, it might be possible to have them as a part of Chi Omega when/if the campus decided to allow NPC groups.

In 1995, the Chios Society became the Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Chi Omega Fraternity.
Where I used to advise, one girl started wearing letters from her biological sister's sorority, Sigma Gamma Gamma.* She then got her friends wearing them. Then they started holding meetings, having socials, recruiting members and having some sort of ritual- and all wore Greek letters! They supposedly petitioned Sigma Gamma Gamma Nationals to become a colony.... but we all know that is not exactly how expansion works! (and neither the formal recruitment numbers, nor the Adminstration, supported expansion)

The 3 NPC groups complained to the school's administration, who decided the rogue group could become a club, recognized by the college but that would not be part of the school's panhellenic org (which included the 3 NPC, 1 local and 1 NPHC).

The group chose to become the "Students Going Gaga"* and wore "SGG" (Roman letters, not Greek letters). However, SGG was allowed to function as a sorority socially, including having only female members - even though their name indicated "students" and their charter indicated nothing about being a women's society. The group had none of the restictions of a sorority (like, quota/total, min GPA, required service hours, etc) so they were major competitor for PNM's for all of the sororities. Administration saw nothing wrong with this competitition, although 1 NPC & the local were lagging behind total - and the NPHC closed due to low membership)

The local and one NPC made significant membership gains. The SGG's declined in popularity my last year (2006) on campus.

*Names have been fictionalized for this post.
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