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Originally Posted by nittanyalum View Post
It's "Hi, you're invited to Susie Q's bridal shower. It's going to be terrific! The theme is "Time of Day." Please bring a gift that fits your time of day. Your assigned time is: xx:xx. Have fun with it! I hope you can make it, it's sure to be an afternoon our friend Susie will never forget! Please RSVP asap so if you can't make it, I can reassign your time to someone who cares more about Susie and her happiness. Best wishes, the bestest maid of honor ever"
Exactly! I haven't gotten my invite for the said shower yet (concerning as it's only three weeks away), I believe I'll be getting it this week. But I was going to go out this weekend and buy a gift. One of my friends then informed me that the MOH/younger sister of the bride was planning a "time of day" shower.
If I get stuck with some random time, I'm going to end up deviating from the registry. They aren't registered for a ton of stuff. Her fiance is kinda picky/indecisive when it comes to buying anything- it took him two months to decide on a round metal trash can for their kitchen. Did I mention he hasn't bought her an engagement ring yet? He gave her his grandmother's and told her to find one that she likes and then he'll buy it online, provided he likes it.
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