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the BEST place to get your minnie ears with an azure blue bow is going to be the Emporium on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. The closest you'll be able to get to azure blue is the Year of a Million Dreams Minnie ears. but i'm not sure if the YoaMD is still going to be going on in 09.

But MK has gotten better... they've renovated Haunted Mansion *it's freakin amazing now*, Space Mountain was being renovated when my college program ran out this past January, Spaceship Earth at Epcot has been renovated too.

Idk how you feel about jerky rides, but Soarin(epcot) & Dinosaur(animal kingdom) both gave me headaches after I got done riding them. and if you like rollercoasters i definitely recommend Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom.

Just wondering, but what hotel are yall staying at???

Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
Isn't that near Cleveland's Museum of Art? Has she thought of having her wedding there? Can't get much classier, and the cost of the museums I checked out was in line with any other place. And, very different!

Okay, I think anyone who buys a Disney Wedding Dress must wear those Minnie Mouse Ears with a Veil with it!

We're having our Convention at Disney World next year, and I'm going soley to get Minnie Mouse ears with an azure blue bow.
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