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Originally Posted by VandalSquirrel View Post
So I broke down to check out the CMT website, and even if you can't watch the shows, you can see pictures from the weddings, which really are worth 1,000 words each.

Here's a link to the photo galleries. Warning, there's a plethora of camo!
OH. MY. GOD. I only got through picture 18, I can't look at anymore!!!!

You weren't kidding, camo on the groom, camo veil, camo in the bouquet, on the family, the bridesmaid's dress. And was the bride's family posing in front of a display of a DUCK BLIND???

And that first bride, the lovely vision in the strapless dress, poor girl's out there in the elements with snow on the ground (standing on top of a demolition derby car, NICE touch!) and all the men are standing around in their warm camo hunting jackets. Chivalry IS dead.
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